G I V E N  a Film By Kevin Morosky Produced by We The Anomaly

Directed By Kevin Morosky Co-Directed by Mpho Mckenzie Executive Producer Binki Taylor

This is a film that charts the re-emergence of Mpho Mckenzie, artist, singer and songwriter. It is a journey that explores the creation of Mpho, signed to a major record label as rising star and unceremoniously dropped before her first album without real explanation.

Through this very personal story, Kevin Morosky explores the nature of an industry that treats the artist as a commodity and the art as a product. The transient nature of a commercial relationship that seeks as much to contain and control creativity as it does to promote it; A contradiction that has deeply affected the integrity of mainstream music.

As such Given the film, tells a universal story experienced by many. A story about how the human spirit overcomes heartbreak and finds the courage to accept the strength in vulnerability.